Montgomery County Fire Fighters Pipes and Drums

Brotherhood Through Music since 2005

The Montgomery County Firefighter Pipes and Drums is a combination pipe band serving the greater Washington area and beyond.

Board of directors

Brian Hagberg  

Michael Skidmore  
Vice President

Maggie Martinez  
Recording Secretary

Carrie Krest  

Ivan Browning   
Pipe Major

Peter Leong   
Drum Sgt.

Bryan Stottlemyer

Band manager

Bonnie Blandford   


Ivan Browning   
Pipe Major

Michael Skidmore Jr.   
Pipe Sgt.

Daniel Friz   
Pipe Corp.

Rick Blandford  

Russell Blinkhorn  

Bill Blinkhorn  

James Martinez    

Greg DeHaven

Rod McPhee

Mike Frisk

Student Pipers

 Larry Ansted  

Dan Shealy

Roger Fessenden

Steve Hagberg

Mark Richter

Rob Rogers


Peter Leong  

Drum Sgt.     

Jaymie Birney  

Drum Corp.

Brian Hagberg  

Drum Corp. & Bass


Kyle Crutchley  

Roger Testerman

Bryan Stottlemyer


Jaymie Birney    

Bonnie Blandford   

Amanda King   

Dani Crane   

Tim Sugrue

Laura Stottlemyer

Carrie Krest

Mike Leigh


Lee Guzinski   

James Ridgley   

Brian Hagberg 

Student Drummers

Nelson Ortiz

Drum Major

Tyrone DeMent


Bagpipe Instructor

Kevin Watkins

Tom Cangelosi

band boosters

Rick Morrissey

Maggie Martinez

Michele Ruth        

Jill Wood        

Kerry Birney     

K. Friz   

Matt Trivett       

Randy Carter   

Monica Skidmore

Carol Berry   

Mitch Bigott   

Dawn Bilder   

Kate Blandford  (webmaster)

Monty Crown (booster coordinator)    

Bert Gromberg   

Jessica Moyers   

Amy Roberts   

Kevin McAteer   

Crystal Schooler   

Dick Blandford

Dottie Blandford  

Kevin Nichols   

Erik Blandford

Ashley Frisch 

Ashley Testerman 

Honorary members

Stephanie Doyle   

Chief Tom Carr  

Scott Doyle  

Dave Doyle  

Eda Doyle  

Chief Michael Clemens

Jeanne Smith   

Beverly Hagberg



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New Member Q & A

Q: What positions are available?

A: Bagpipes, Snare Drum, Tenor Drum, Bass Drum, Drum Major, Color Guard and Booster.

Q: Who can be in the band?

A: Any MCFRS FF or EMT active or retired. Any family member of MCFRS, Any outside agency police, fire, EMT or Military. Any person not affiliated with a public safety department not to exceed 20% of band membership.

Q: How much money will this cost me to start?

A: $50 application fee. Band provides piper students with a practice chanter and instructional book. Students are encouraged to purchase their own chanter which is approximately $60 for chanter. Drumming students will need to purchase sticks and a practice pad for approximately $50..

Q: When and where do you practice?

A: Wednesday nights in Mt. Airy at 7:00pm, subject to change with advanced notification.

Q: Who purchases my instrument?

A: Each individual will purchase their own instrument. Bagpipes $1200 Snare $700 Tenor $500 Bass drum no cost (band owned).

Q: What does the band supply?

A: At this time the band supplies 2 Badges, 1 Doublet, Plaid Broach, Hose and Free instruction.

Q: What uniform items do I purchase?

A: Each uniform item will be purchased over time period as you progress with instrument of choice. Kilt, Sporran, Glengarry.

Q: What kind of commitment do I need to make?

A: Attend practice sessions as much as possible to progress on your instrument. We have quarterly band meetings and fundraising events we will need you to attend. When you are proficient in playing your chosen instrument you will play band events as an active member.

Q: How do I start?

A: Send an Email to  Come to practice!